ILG Exam360

ILG Exam360 is a suite of applications that provide the most comprehensive software available to jurisdictions in order to process all written examinations in electronic format. Admission offices use the intuitive administrative website to complete all administrative tasks related to registration of all laptop applicants for the exam as well as preparation for grading examinations electronically. Applicants use the laptop application to complete the written portion of the examination electronically via a secure interface installed on their laptop. Graders use the grading application in order to read and score all essays in electronic format. All of these individual components make up the entire ILG Exam360 suite.

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"I have used a different product in school and I really prefer this. Is more user-friendly and works better." – July 2016 Bar Applicant

"Performed great." – July 2016 Bar Applicant

"I was pleased with the interface and I would use it again." – July 2016 Bar Applicant

"I appreciate the aesthetic. It's not an ugly exam software!! I can't believe it." – July 2016 Bar Applicant

"Love the user-friendly interface!!!" – July 2016 Bar Applicant

"Exam360 is 100% better than other software I’ve used." – July 2016 Bar Applicant